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1984di George Orwell

Stagione 2023/2024


1984 tells of a group of historians who, in 2050, discover the diary of Comrade 6709, Winston Smith, written precisely in 1984, a year in which the world is divided into three superstates at war with each other: Oceania, Eurasia and Eastasia. Oceania, whose capital is London, is ruled by Big Brother, who sees all and knows all. His eyes are the cameras that continuously spy into homes, his arm the Thought Police that intervenes at the slightest suspicion. Everything is allowed, there is no written law. Nothing, apparently, is forbidden. Except thinking. Except loving. Except having fun. In short: except living, except according to the dictates of Big Brother. Even children have become spies, and so they are called; war is permanent, no matter against which enemy, and telescreens, along with video cameras, monitor everyone. Winston, who has acquired a clandestine diary, is ready to put his own survival at risk when he falls in love with Julia, in a world where love is forbidden. The couple’s free thinking, their realization of the truth of their time and their desire to preserve a grain of humanity will bring them to the brink.


1984 - manifesto


24-26 novembre LUCCA Teatro del Giglio

27 novembre MANTOVA Teatro Sociale

29 novembre PIOMBINO (LI) Teatro Metropolitan

30 novembre GROSSETO Teatro Moderno

9-10 dicembre CIVITAVECCHIA (RM) Teatro Traiano

11 gennaio ROSIGNANO SOLVAY (LI) Teatro Solvay

13-14 gennaio PRATO Politeama Pratese

18 gennaio MONTEPULCIANO (SI) Teatro Poliziano

19-21 gennaio BOLOGNA Teatro Duse

27-28 gennaio CHIETI Teatro Marrucino

30 gennaio PINEROLO (TO) Teatro Sociale

31 gennaio VERCELLI Teatro Civico

1 febbraio ASTI Teatro Alfieri

2 febbraio CUNEO Teatro Toselli


George Orwell


Robert Icke, Duncan Macmillan


Giancarlo Nicoletti


Violante Placido, Ninni Bruschetta e Woody Neri
E con Silvio Laviano, Brunella Platania. Savatore Rancatore, Tommaso paolucci, Gianluigi Rodrigues, Chiara Sacco